Horse Books for Girls

Some girls just can’t get enough of horse books. And whilst my girls have never been addicted to these types of books, I know many who are.

However not all horse books are equal. Many of the horse books for girls are also filled with a substantial amount of teenage romance and can sometimes be quite nasty. There are also books that are about horse racing that I haven’t listed.

Here is a quick list of some quality books for your horse loving teenage girl.

Classic Horse Books

  • Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. You don’t need to be horsey to appreciate this one. They often recommend this book for ages 5-9. I believe it has some adult ideas that children will not comprehend. Don’t think this is a baby book. I read it for the first time as an adult and I loved it. Make sure you read the original version not an abridged one. The language can be challenging at times but it’s worth it.
  • The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley  Another horse book that is still in print since 1941.

All of the Marguerite Henry books are good.

Australian Horse Books For Girls

  • The Silver Brumby Series by Elyne Mitchell (An Australian Classic)
    Thowra was born on a stormy night, a silver foal ready for adventure in the Snowy Mountains! With his wise mother Bel Bel, and the rest of the herd they evade the man, the Brolga a fierce stallion, and many other dangers. Thowra and Storm, Thowra’s half brother, leave the herd and live by themselves gathering herds of their own keeping them in “the secret valley.” After a while Thowra is ready to become “King of the Cascade Brumbies,” and defeats the Brolga in a thrilling battle. Review by Robert T Age 13
  • Riding With Thunderbolt by Allan Baillie
    Set in Patterson, northern NSW in 1865. Ben Cross runs away from home and ends up being looked after by Fred Ward (the bushranger known as Captain Thunderbolt) and his wife Mary-Anne, who are living on the run. Ben becomes one of Ward’s apprentices and gets into some strife, before discovering that his presumed-dead aunt is still alive and willing to take him in if he will give up the life of crime.
  •  Mary Grant Bruce Billabong Series written from 1910 – 1921. They include: The Little Bush Maid , Mates at Billabong, Norah and The Billabong & Back to the Billabong. The story is about a young girl who lives out her days and adventures in the Australian bush. Some of these are out of print but they are quite frequently seen in second hand book stores.

New Zealand Horse Books For Girls

Joyce West trilogy – The Drovers Road, Cape Lost and The Golden Country . Set on a New Zealand Cattle farm station this Bethlehem book series is lovely.


I rode a milk white horse of Jade this book is set in the time of Genghis Khan. Good for Asian history

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo a moving story of a brave horse in World War One. The movie is also amazing.


Are there any books you would like to add to this list?