Day in Morrow Homeschool

A day in our homeschool life

What I wished our homeschool days look like and what they actually look like are usually quite different. Every week I have some interruption that ruins my ideal plans. This week it is no different:

  • Monday morning started with tired children and a lethargic mother following a three-day church camp.
  • Tuesday included some work experience piano teaching for one of my children in a school in the middle of the day
  • Wednesday was doctors’ appointments for two children.

How do I get school done with all these interruptions?

It took a while but I’ve stopped feeling guilty when life interferes with my homeschool schedule. Whilst I do my best to try to make my plans work,  when they don’t  I do my best to steer things back towards my schedule as best I can.

Here is a day faithfully recorded complete with interruptions


My husband and oldest son were out the door to work and uni before 07.30.

I got up around 7.30, ate breakfast and had some tea and did some Bible study and journaling. I put a load of washing on.

My two youngest kids were allowed sleep-ins till 9am. When they got up they mucked around for a while making breakfast, checking Instagram accounts and emailing a few friends.

By 10am school work was happening and I had done some Homeschooling Downunder business. The kids steadily work through their workbox trolleys and I can hear them testing each other on capital cities. They came in to me to ask me to hold a completion for them. I did!

They do most of their work without any assistance from me. Quite often I get asked to help with Math but today they didn’t need any. They are both high schoolers now.

Another load of washing goes out on the line – the kids help and I put away all the gazillion towels that were on the line after a weekend away.

My daughter gets me to do a What Do You Remember from her Apologia book.

Around 1pm we make our own lunches.

After lunch we gather to do our read alouds for about an hour. I read Economics in One Easy Lesson, The Story of Christianity and Frankenstein. While I read my daughter draws and my son, who is still tired and sore from water skiing, listens. I ask questions as I read and ask for narrations as I go. I usually do some prompting to get them to tell me back what they have read.

By 3pm the kids have finished their work. I could have added Winston Grammar and Latin but we were all feeling a bit lazy – we’ll catch up on another day.

The two kids now practice their instruments. At 4pm I take one to drumming lessons. I then do a quick Aldi shop.  At 5.15pm  I take my daughter to choir and pick up some of my son’s friends who come over to play for a few hours.

I cook dinner – chicken, basil, sour cream and pine nut pasta – a big favourite here.

I then collapse on the couch and watch the news and a show with my husband.

My son’s friends get picked up at 8, the girls come home from choir at 8.45. We have a chat for a while. All of us are in bed by 10pm.