Aboriginal dot art lesson

Aboriginal Dot Art Lesson

Yesterday we did an Aboriginal dot art lesson in our homeschool. We were inspired by two Australian Picture Books.

We used:

  • art paper,
  • acrylic paints,
  • cotton buds for the big dots,
  • toothpicks for the little dots,
  • and one child decided to use Textas.

Lizard – Miss 7

Aboriginal dot art lessons lizard

Western Desert Art

is style of painting used by Aboriginals in the desert regions of Australia. Dot paintings today are recognised globally as unique to Australian Aboriginal art. Aboriginal dot paintings tell a story and often have secret meanings.

Uluru by Miss 11
Footprint in texta – Master 9
Aboriginal dot art lesson footprint

This painting style arose from the Papunya art movement in the 1970s when Aboriginal artist began to paint their stories on to canvas. They paint with circles, spirals, lines, dashes and dots, the traditional visual language of the Western Desert Aboriginal People. Bright colours are now more common with the use of acrylic paint, but traditional dot painters used natural pigments such as ochre and crushed seeds.

To see some more great childrens’ picture books with this style I suggest looking through work from Bronwyn Bancroft.

MIne – age ?

Aboriginal Dot Painting lizard

This was a fun art lesson for someone who can’t draw. I enjoyed just dotting around.

This activity was from Australian Book Traveller.
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