My Story

Hi, I’m Michelle Morrow and I live in NSW, Australia. I’ve been married to Ken for nearly 28 years and we have four adult children.  Only two children still live at home but Ma and Pa, my husband’s parents, came to live with us a while back. We are a Christian family and wouldn’t have it any other way.

When I first heard about homeschooling – last century – I thought it was a crazy idea. Why would you homeschool when there were so many perfectly good schools! However the idea grew on me and by the time my first child was ready to go to school my husband and I were fully convinced that homeschooling was for us.

I’ve now finished my homeschool journey of nearly 20 years. And all my kids have gone on to university and now have independent working lives. They all still love the Lord and go to church. One is a medical doctor, another works for a charity in poverty relief, another works for a large film company as an animator and my baby girl who is now an adult runs two businesses. You can read their full story here and how they got into university.

The Early Years

Over the years my style of homeschooling has changed. I initially had a very school at home approach using workbooks and textbooks. I was always worried I wasn’t teaching enough to my kids. After a few years I was burnt out. I dabbled with school for two of my children. Sending my kids to school was actually the turning point in my homeschool. [Read More]

Whilst they were in school for a term I regained my strength and looked for ways to make homeschooling work. I knew if I wanted homeschooling to be successful then I needed a new approach. It was at this time that a friend introduced me to the teachings of Charlotte Mason and a Living Book approach to education.

I brought my kids back home and switched my teaching style from a very school type approach and began to implement the Charlotte Mason method and use good literature as the backbone to my children’s homeschool education. I can’t tell you how much the new approach breathed life into me and my homeschool. I chilled out. I replaced a lot of the desk work with reading aloud on the couch with little ones on my lap or playing at my feet. I began to enjoy homeschooling !

I learnt over the next few years how to teach my children. Much of my help came from studying the methods of Charlotte Mason and Ruth Beechick. These experienced educators showed me “how it do it”.

No Australian Charlotte Mason Curriculum

We Began Homeschool Before The Internet

When I started homeschooling there were a handful of resources that complemented a Charlotte Mason and a living book approach but none of them were Australian. When I used them for my Aussie kids I found I often needed to tweak the curriculum to include Australian content.

Over coffee one day back in 2006 my friend Margaret Taylor and I were discussing the great lack of homeschooling material written for homeschooling in Australia. Many of the living books, with Australian content, that we wanted to use and recommend to friends, were out of print. We decided somebody needed to do something about it, and we decided it might as well be us.

The Business Begins And Keeps Growing

What began as a small venture grew. For many years I sold resources and blogged at Homeschooling Downunder. Then when all the kids left home we began My Homeschool – a Christian Homeschooling Curriculum in Australia.  My goal was to give homeschool parents all the things I wish I’d been able to lay my hands on.

This site has actually been running since 2012, in 2021 it was digitally packed up from Homeschooling Downunder and  moved across to You’ll still find lots of stories here from way back as I share stories whilst in the thick of my homeschool journey.

I hope we at Inspire My Homeschool can encourage you on your journey!



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