Getting kids to read books

 Getting Kids To Read Books Is The Problem

You can buy the books easily enough but getting kids to read books with all the other temptations out their is a challenge.

Help! My literary purchasing power is exceeding my reading capacity.

I can’t help myself! The more I clean out those bookshelves the more they swell. It’s like my bathroom, it only looks OK for about one hour after it’s cleaned. I get rid of books I want to keep but I know that I have to show some restraint. We still have to have furniture that isn’t bookcases. I’m almost afraid to go to the library for I don’t know where to put the books anymore

Last year I was so sad to sell one of my kindergarten books. It felt like I was selling a little friend, for we had been through four children together. I was torn, it held lovely memories but I needed space for the next influx.

Now My Next Challenge is Getting My Kids to Read All Those Books.

We are getting through our books but since I only average 2-3 read aloud novels with my children per term that is only 12 novels a year and I have less than 10 years left of read alouds.

We have trips to the library and well stocked bookcases and all of my children are encouraged to read for pleasure and they do. However there are many electronic temptations about that drag them away from books and I want to foster a high standard of literacy and this requires me to be proactive in getting my kids to read and making reading a loved life-time habit.

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this one but for my 14 year old son (who is now in school) I am paying him money to read the books I select. He is an excellent reader but his literary taste has become quite narrow (and school is making demands) so in an effort to expand his genre’s I have given him 4 books this term and have told him I will pay $10 for each book read. He was thrilled. One has already been handed back.

For the others I assign them as readers in their homeschool work boxes. This way I know that they are reading at least some of the books that I want read.

We use a literary approach to language arts and for my high school daughter we are also using Any Novel Novel Guide to look further into a book.

My 10 year old boy has three books in his homeschool workbox that he goes through.

My eight year old has a simple science reader everyday and we continue to read together through a chapter book.

Finding time for me to read seems to be the hardest thing of all. I read large amounts of information gathering books but books for pleasure are a luxury. I actually need to keep away from them as I get lost in them. For now I only allow the holidays to read. As I write I realise I should treat myself more.

There are so many electronic demands on our spare time, reading can be pushed aside and I don’t want that to be something that happens to us.

I regret the books I didn’t read in my childhood and thankfully I can read them now.

Books have enriched my soul and mind and I want to pass that legacy on to my children.

Even my husband has started reading the books I get hold of for him !

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