Homeschool expectations

It is the start of a new year and I have been chatting with a few mums who are new to homeschooling. These mums are very conscientious in their approach. They are trying to make sure they do it properly but many of them seem anxious, they are worried they are not doing it as well as they could. This I believe is because we bring into homeschooling a few myths of what we are like and what our homeschool day should look like.

As a new homeschool mum the overarching feeling that I could do better was a joy stealer to my day-week-month. My expectation for my day was a truly an impossible expectation. I had superwoman standards and was only a Lois Lane. Over the years I have identified some of these myths and I hope to expand more on these in a few more posts.

10 Unrealistic Homeschool Expectations

1.That I can work hard the whole day accomplishing all the household tasks and never get a minute to myself.
2.That if I can do it I should do it.
3.That I should be able to run 4-6 hours of exciting activities for my children to do.
4.That my children should never be bored.
5.That I should do interesting science experiments daily or at least once a week.
6.That my children will always enjoy their lessons (or never enjoy their lessons)
7.That my house will always look tidy
8.That I should be available for all who want me.
9.I should not be tired
10.That I have it all together.

Homeschool Expectations

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