Homeschool Goal Setting

Homeschool goal setting is good when you begin with the end in mind. It helps you plan with imagination and helps you look for possibilities.

Are You a Goal Setter?

I like to be intentional in my homeschool goal setting. I usually plan for a few years and I know where I am going based on where I have been.

I like to be organised in my homeschool goal setting. I order my resources early and at the end of a homeschool year I’m usually pretty organised for the next.

This is made easy because I set goals for our homeschool.

Homeschooling With The End In Mind

Now two of my four children have graduated from my homeschool and the other two are not far behind I find myself thinking about life after homeschool. This actually inspires me to make sure these last years of homeschooling are done well. I truly see the wisdom of Steven Covey’s principle – beginning with the end in mind.

I remember a preacher once saying,” If you aim for nothing you will hit it!” This saying recalls to mind that it is good to set goals and have a plan.

These day my homeschool planning includes more coaching, imagination and possibilities rather than following particular curriculua.

  • What do they want to be when they finish homeschool?
  • Is their curriculum and interests supporting their hope for the future? If not how can I make it that?
  • What qualifications are they going to need to make the next step in their future?
  • What work experience or opportunities can I give them?
  • Can they start a business?
  • How can they earn money?

My final days of goal setting for homeschooling look to the end.

They include:

  • Giving my children a good knowledge of the Christianity – including following Christian history from Genesis to the Modern Missionaries.
  • Finishing at least to the level of Year 10 maths.
  • Writing a university level essay.
  • Encourage an appreciation of the liberal arts.
  • Giving them a understanding that learning is a lifelong journey that will never end.

Clear Vision For Homeschooling

When you first begin homeschooling, or if you are homeschooling with babies and toddlers , it is hard to imagine the end of homeschooling but believe me, you are there before you know it! However one of the best ways for you to look beyond the work laid out before you is to understand your visions and goals.

Homeschooling Goal Setting moves through stages:

  1. The Beginning Years – in these primary school days you are planning for their basic education in the Three Rs and hopefully the liberal arts. Planning at this stage can be fairly similar for all your kids.
  2. The Middle Years – during these years up till Year 8 or even 9 you are still developing their learning in the key learning areas but you are also watching for what makes them tick and seeing where their strengths and weaknesses are. Planning for your middle school aged child will probably look quite similar for all your children here but the academic ability may vary and you may find that progress with individual children will vary.
  3. The High School Years – now my children specialise more. Hopefully by this stage you are starting to get an idea of what your child will need to know about in the future. This is a stage where your homeschool goal setting is about finishing off homeschool and what they need for the next step. This is where your child can really begin to take some responsibility in deciding their goals for their education.

Here is a list of 20 Homeschool Questions to Ask Yourself to help you determine where you are going with your homeschool.