Homeschool Room Ideas For Putting Everything In Its Place

Warning this is not a home beautiful post. This is however a post on homeschool room ideas that will help you see your beautiful home.

In my thirteen years of homeschooling we’ve generated and bought a lot of stuff.  I’ve had curriculum a-plenty come and go through my hands and I’ve had to make choices about what to do with it.

Here are some sorting ideas that I hope will help you get your curriculum cupboards tamed and sustainable.

You Need a Dedicated Place to Store your Curriculum.

Some of my friends have homeschool rooms, and others don’t, but we all have a place that we store the majority of our curriculum supplies. For me it is one main cupboard where I put my entire curriculum collection.  I have magazine boxes that are clearly labelled with different subjects. When I’m looking for a resource I haven’t used in ages I can access it quickly using this method.

homeschool cupboard tips

For Kids Old Work

This is often a dilemma. In the early years my children produced a prolific amount of drawings and crafts that I didn’t have the heart to throw out, so I used a covered plastic box where they could put things they wanted to keep. If this box became too full they would help clean it out. I would also clean it out.

Then I started using portfolios. They were an excellent way to store my children’s work. I have portfolio’s from 2005 stored in my cupboard. See more about portfolios here.

Homeschool Documentation

Textbooks and notebooks that I didn’t want to keep, but wasn’t sure if I should throw out, would put in a cardboard box and place it in the shed out the back.


Used Textbooks

I have kept some of my used textbooks, if I know I will be using them again for another child, but I’ve mostly sold textbooks after I have finished with them. Sometimes I have wished I didn’t, but I’d tell myself it’s cheaper to re-buy or borrow the curriculum again than it is to buy a new cupboard. I think in my 13 years of homeschooling I have only re-bought one curriculum (and after using it for six months I remembered why I sold it).

Taming The Bookshelves

Homeschooling room ideas bookcases

This is where I’ve been lenient on myself. I have seven good sized bookcases in my home. They’re in bedrooms and the living room. Books are a substantial component of my homeschool and they do need organising. Different shelves store different topics. I have a Bible shelves, Classics shelves, historical fiction shelves, picture book shelves, poetry shelves, and numerous non-fiction shelves. In the bedrooms I often store sets like all of the Narnia series or Anne of Green Gable books. Since I have so many books I do try to make them look a little nice and I often arrange them in some patters to improve their look.

Homeschool Room Ideas bookcases

My Cyber Cupboard

This is a very important cupboard in my homeschool . I keep all my ebooks and records in one place on the computer. If I buy an ebook it immediately gets stored here. It makes it so easy to look at what you have especially if you’re inclined to collect piles of resources to use “later”. When later comes you’ll know where to look. Please make sure you have a back-up of your files. I have many people contact me asking me to resend them ebooks they have bought years ago  because they have lost all their homeschool files and have no back up. Save yourself the heart ache – DO A BACK-UP NOW!


The Day To Day

I use workbaskets for my day-to-day kids work and my own work. These baskets are kept out on a desk and have all they need to do their work. I have my own basket as well; this has teacher’s guides and resources that I do once a week with the children.  You can find out more about my workbaskets here.



I know that there are many ways to get organised. If all of this home organisisation is inspiring you have a look at Susan’s free Makeover of Your Homeschool  Room Workshop – she has 8 kids.


I hope seeing into my world that you have been able to glean some new ideas that will inspire you.

Happy Homeschooling!