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Adding Structure To Your Day With Homeschool Workboxes

Homeschool workboxes really were one of the best organisational changes that we made to our homeschool set up.

I’m a fairly unstructured person, my husband is the opposite. He was always telling me that I needed to be more organised with my homeschool and I would dutifully write up timetables and checklists but I never followed them and I never checked off my lists. If the day’s routine went askew then I lost my place and didn’t know where to pick up. My kids would just wait for me to take them through the lessons.

I would say, “Ok do this and then that.”. But when I got distracted, as I often did, then the system would fail, the kids would run off and play and I’d have to coax them back to their work. They weren’t being naughty they just didn’t know what to do next and my homeschool days had no real system for keeping them going except me.

Whilst I knew I needed structure I felt incapable of doing it. That was until I read Sue Patrick’s ebook The Workbox System way back in 2009. Suddenly I saw a way I could organise my children’s work in a visual way that would work – independent of me. It was so simple and so obvious I wondered why someone hadn’t told me about it before. The workbox system was a huge hit in the homeschool community. Why? because it showed us how to logically organise our children’s day and teach them independence.

Today so many people use a modified version of this workbox system that Sue Patrick’s original book has almost been forgotten. However it is a gem and worth reading. The author had a homeschool boy who was autistic and she made this system for him but found that it was not just revolutionising her homeschool but many others.

Homeschool workboxes have been my number one storage tool and physical checkilist/timetable for the past seven years of homeschooling.

They have helped my children understand their workload and organise their days.

Homeschool workboxes can be adapted to many types of homeschool curriculums. Here is how I have adapted workboxes for the Charlotte Mason method.

Workboxes changed the way I organised my children’s work. I saw a way I could encourage my kids to work independently without me having to guide them through every step of the day. After using the workbox system for one year my children were so much better at doing their work independently.

I love my workboxes. But many  other experienced homeschool mummas do as well. Here is how Heidi does workboxes.

Here’s a video of my modified workbox system.

My Journey With Homeschool Workboxes