homeschooling reading problems

Homeschooling Reading Problems

When you are a homeschooling parent it is sometimes difficult to work out if your child has a learning difficulty or if they just need a little more time.

Here is a story from Jennifer Janes who shares about special needs homeschooling and her daughter’s homeschooling reading problems.

By Thanksgiving, I was on reading curriculum number four, and it wasn’t working either. I admitted defeat, began seeking answers, and found a whole new way to homeschool. I learned very quickly that my younger daughter’s learning glitches meant that she needed hands-on activities involving as many senses as possible (multisensory activities) to process, learn, and understand concepts. That’s when my thinking about learning—and the way I homeschool—changed. Read More

This Google hangout video I did with speech pathologist and former homeschooling mum,Alison McDonald, also discusses and explains what to look for if you suspect homeschooling reading problems.

See her website Newcastle Speech Pathology.

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