How To Homeschool Books – Book List

how to homeschool book list

Looking For Some Books on How To Homeschool?

These how to homeschool books will help you look into the world of homeschooling and help you see education in a different light.

Inspirational How To Homeschool Books

When You Rise Up – R.C. Sproul
This book looks to the Bible for the reason and methodology of homeschooling. Sproul provides Biblical evidence that the essence of homeschooling is discipleship and that means conversing with your children about God and all of life. He shows the place of academics, where various methodologies miss God’s plan and simplifies the process of how to homeschool.

I Saw the Angel in the Marble – Chris & Ellyn Davis
Michelangelo said regarding the sculpting of a particular angel, “I saw the angel in the marble, and I carved until I set him free.” The Davis’ believe this is what is at the heart of homeschooling—not teaching a set of subjects, but finding what it is God has put into your child, and providing the input (education) that will set the potential person free. This challenging book considers many aspects of home life and home education.

A Biblical Home Education – Ruth Beechick (eBook)
I really liked this book. It challenged some of my ideals about different methods and made me think about more core values with homeschooling,

Things We Wish We’d Known – Compiled by Bill and Diana Waring
Listen to what 50 homeschool veterans have to say about homeschooling as they look back on their early years.

Family Life & How To Homeschool Books

The Mission of Motherhood: Touching Your Child’s Heart For Eternity – Sally Clarkson
Sally explains in this book how understanding God’s design and purpose can empower you to be the mother you long to be. Good for any new mother or person wanting renewed vision for their mothering work. Highly recommended.

The Ministry of Motherhood – Sally Clarkson
Being a mother is a ministry in itself. Mothers can and must seek to pass on an understanding of grace, inspiration, faith, training and service to their children. This books shows you how to do that, with children of all ages. Questions at the end of each section make this useful for personal or group study.

The Hidden Art of Homemaking – Edith Schaeffer
How to develop your creativity to make a welcoming, warm, homelike atmosphere wherever you live. Make the place that you live a centre of meaningful living and personal enrichment. Express and develop your unfulfilled talents. Mrs. Schaeffer teaches that making a home is not just for married people. Inspiring and practical. Ages 14 yrs – Adult.

Hints on Child Training – Clay Trumball
A child training classic written by the grandfather of Elisabeth Elliot in the late I 800’s. What strikes one upon reading this book is the unhurried spirit he encourages parents to have in raising their children and his concern for their individual lives. Wanting a ‘quick fix’ to solve all their discipline problems is not realistic. Child Training to Trumball is a mix of Christlike living and relationship with your child. Incredibly challenging book for parents of today.

Practical How To Homeschool Books

The Well-Trained Mind – Susan Wise Bauer & Jessie Wise
A programme for Grades K-12 covering the typical academic subjects. This book is so full of “what you should do” that some people feel overwhelmed and wonder how they can do it all, but many people find they can just take what is helpful and leave the rest. Much use of age-appropriate literature. Gives an excellent understanding of what you are trying to achieve in a traditional, liberal education in all subject areas, as well as how to do it. Some love this book others hate it.

Honey for a Child’s Heart – Gladys Hunt
A book about the huge impact of worthy books on a child’s life, and marvellous listings that you will want to (and can) find. How to help your child come to love books and reading, how to make the best use of books, how to choose the best books, and why books matter. A truly inspiring book that you’ll want to lend to your non-homeschooling friends too. Covers ages 0 – 12 yrs.

Charlotte Mason How To Homeschool Books

A Charlotte Mason Education – Catherine Levison 
This was my first Charlotte Mason book that I read. I was instantly converted. It is a quick read and will give you a good overview. A summary of all the main aspects of a lifegiving Charlotte Mason  Education for you to bring into your children’s lives. A great “Starting Charlotte Mason” book.

More Charlotte Mason Education – Catherine Levison
More details on how to implement Charlotte Mason’s effective and gentle educational methods. Charlotte Mason in highschool and more. Good for those who have used this method for some time.

A Charlotte Mason Companion – Karen Andreola
A thoroughly inspirational mix of Charlotte Mason philosophy and Karen’s blend of practical lifestyle applications, along with delicious illustrations. A gift of a book.

For the Children’s Sake – Susan Schaeffer Macaulay
The book that got so many people excited about Charlotte Mason and homeschooling in the first place. A beautiful look at the underlying philosophies of her method and how it works out in real life. Excellent — some people read it every year. A bestseller for over twenty years.

When Children Love to Learn – Elaine Cooper
This Child Light book is written by various head mistresses who taught in Charlotte Mason schools and others trained in her college, or who had a lot to do with the schools. A practical application of the CM method-each subject discussed in its own chapter, it explains how Charlotte Mason’s methods fit into our modern world, how they can be adapted to each culture, whilst maintaining the general principles.

Charlotte Mason’s Original Home Schooling Series
(Free online version available)
This set by the founder of the modern homeschooling movement will inspire you through your homeschooling years. The dated 19th Century English will take some concentration, but it is well-worth the effort. Every time I read a section, I am amazed at the insights. Fully – indexed according to topic.

Pocketful of Pinecones – Karen Andreola
A delightful book about a homeschooling mother’s early homeschooling days, from her diaries. As she tries to apply a Charlotte Mason education in her home, she describes her days, what worked and what didn’t. Cleverly woven story about her family keeps you reading and considering how you can also make this gentle method of education work for you. Much practical emphasis on nature study.

Consider This – Karen Glass
The most recent publication on the Charlotte Mason method. Very enjoyable.

The Living Page – Laurie Bestvater
A book on how Charlotte Mason used notebooking to train her children into scholars. Another inspirational read about the Charlotte Mason method.

In Memoriam : Charlotte M. Mason – By the PNEU
Is a a collection of tributes to Charlotte Mason written shortly after her death. It includes insights into her techniques that you may not have when just reading her original series. In Memoriam free online read.


Homeschooling Preschool to Grade 3

Homeschooling: Early Years – Linda Dobson
How to begin teachng each subject to 3 – 8 year olds, examples from hundreds of HS parents on what they did regarding the topic at hard. A really helpful book, confiden ce-bu r g book.

The Three R’s – Ruth Beechick Highly recommended!
If you’ve  just started homeschooling, you need this set of three excellent books. Using  natural, effective methods,Beechick shows educators how to cut through all the fluff in curricula and draw out what really works. A motivated parent could use these booklets to make their own entirely adequate curriculum Grade Four. Don’t try and homeschool without these. May be purchased separately (for when you lend them to your friends and never see them again):

Titles in this series:

  • A Home Start in Reading (on teaching children to read)
  • A Strong Start in Language (on teaching children to write –composition – and the building blocks of that.)
  • An Easy Start in Arithmetic (what children really need to know to form good maths foundations)

Games for Learning – Peggy Kaye
Wonderful selection of ideas for teaching young children in just ten minutes per day, while having fun in real life. Chapters of activities include Thinking Skills, Reading and Writing Skills, Maths Skills, Science and Social Studies. Most of these ideas I had never thought of before. Recommended by Valerie Bendt. Grades K – 3

Also available: Games for Math and Games for Reading, both by Peggy Kaye.

Homeschooling Grade 4 – 8

You Can Teach Your Child Successfully – Ruth Beechick
This book has brought a lot of encouragement to thousands of homeschoolers, equipping them to stick with homeschooling longer than a year or two. For grades 4 -8.

Homeschooling: The Middle Years – Shari Henry (OOP)
These books below cover every aspect a new homeschooler will want to consider and more. It is not a guide to choosing curriculum, but an introduction to the things you need to think through to succeed in teaching Grades 4 – 8. It is not a simplistic ‘Just don’t worry about…’ guide, but explains ways that hundreds of homeschooling parents have dealt with very real concerns that arise , to give their children a quality education. Written by experienced homeschooling mothers, the book is full of examples from parents of different homeschooling methodologies, contains well – researched advice and is full of encouragement.

Homeschooling High School

Most of the American books on homeschooling are quite specific to the American system. However, there are still a range of skills that will help you consider your options. There is a lack of books in this area. Maybe I’ll write one!

Homeschooling: The Teen Years – Cafi Cohen
This book contains lots of practical information about educating your teens at home. Not only about tackling different subjects at a higher level, but also about their changing needs. I have found this whole series helpful because it is based on collated interviews with thousands of homeschooling parents, and each topic gives glimpses into the ways different people handle things. Confidence building.