Industrial Revolution Books For Kids

Industrial Revolution Books

Industrial Revolution Books  For Kids- 1760 -1860

Industrial Revolution Books can still be used in the primary years but are not a part of the history curriculum in the Australian Curriculum. The period of history covered in Year 9 of the Australian curriculum is from 1750 – 1918.  These books can also be recorded in your planning  as part of your literature, geography and history studies.

Industrial Revolution Books

Industrialisation and the Crimean War

North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell
A woman moves with her family from the South of England to an industrial region Northern England. Most of the town workers are employed in cotton mills. The story shows the struggles of the masters and the workers. A great story about the north and south struggle with some a little romance thrown in. There are quite a few  French quotes in this book and the version linked to has footnotes on their meaning. The BBC period drama of North and South is also excellent.

My Story: Mill Girl by Sue Reid
It is 1842. Eliza Heisted of Manchester, England is swallowed up in the industrial revolution as she begins work at the local mill as a factory hand. The fictional diary of her first year there. Ages 9 —16 yrs.

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
A long abridgement  of the famous story of poor children in London in the I 800’s, pressed into working as pickpockets for a living. Dickens attempted to reveal these injustices to the upper classes. Ages 9 — 14 yrs

William Carey by Janet Benge
In a day when the English expected God to save people “without our help”, the Carey’s travelled to India, launching the modern missions movement. There they lost family members to death and lifetime savings, but they pressed on, with magnificent consequences. Ages 8 — 16 yrs.

Mill by David Macaulay
With the clear, detailed line drawings Macaulay is known for this architect illustrates a story, brick by brick, about four mills running in the New England area of eastern USA in the nineteenth century, and the lives of their workers. Ages 7 yrs – Adult.

Chimney Sweep’s Ransom by Dave & Neta Jackson
A mystery involving a chimney sweep and the evangelist and Methodist reformer, John Wesley, which well portrays 18th century England and a poor coal-mining family. Ages 8 — 14 yrs.

Workhouse: A Victorian Girl’s Diary by Pamela Oldfield
In the easy to read diary style, read about the (fictional) life of one girl, Edith Lorrimer, who goes to visit the English workhouse her mother patronises in 1871. Here the poor work as virtual slaves in laundries hour upon hour, day after day. Ages 11 – 17 yrs.

My Story: Crimea by Bryan Perret (OOP)
What really happened in the Crimean War? Michael Pope of the 110th British Regiment tells his (fictional) story of the years between 1853 and 1857 when he fought in the Crimea. Maps and pictures included. Ages 10 — 17 yrs.

Florence Nightingale: God’s Servant at the Battlefield by David Collins
A Sower series biography of a remarkable young woman who was unwilling to conform to the customs of her time when she sensed God’s call on her life. The beginning of modern nursing. Ages 9 — 18 yrs.

Famous Lives: Florence Nightingale by Lucy Lethbridge (OOP)
Usborne. A well-written large print chapter book about the famous girl whose call from God led her to revolutionise nursing care. Includes her call from God and her work on the Crimean battlefields. HB Ages 6 – 12 yrs.