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Hi Michelle

I just read your lovely email wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day. I so endorse your message of support. Homeschooling is so much more than education. What a privilege it is to be able to do this for my children, even if I came to it under such devastating circumstances. I just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into your homeschooling downunder site and now the myschool site. These sites are “pots of gold” and make our lives so much easier. It seems an appropriate time to say thank you and wish you a beautiful Mother’s Day as well.

With appreciation
Louise ACT

Hi Michelle
I have been looking at your website and I would like to say that it is fantastic!
Thankyou so much for making all this information available.
I have been homeschooling for about a year through distance ed but would like to do a program for my three sons myself. I am inspired and love the concepts based on Charlotte Mason’s principles that your write about. My sons are so uninspired at the moment that I think this is exactly what we need. Claudia Tribastoni

Hi there,

I just wanted to say I feel like I’ve stumbled across a gold mine with your website!! I am moving to Australia with my aussie husband in a couple of weeks and this website is going to help me an unbelievable amount with our 3 home schooled children! Thank you so much!

Kindest regards and God bless,
Rebecca Smith

Hi Michelle,

THANKYOU for the amazing resources you make available to others. I’ve just begun homeschooling this year, and into this coming term plan to embrace more of Charlotte Mason’s style with my kids (8,6,4,1). It was a little daunting to do this from the outset, but after a term together, I feel ready to relax into it more.

Thanks for you time.

Rachel Batterham

Homeschooling Downunder not only provides fantastic resources of great quality but Michelle also gives so much information and encouragement to homeschool families. Michelle has diligently and joyfully served the Australian home education community for many years and I have been very blessed by her dedication and commitment to others. Thanks Michelle and family!

Susan Priolo – Administrator at AussieHomeschool

Hi there Michelle,
I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration & encouragement you are to me & I am sure many, many other home school mums.
Your outcomes for the board of studies is a life saver, as I do not speak the same language that the original outcomes were written in 🙂
You are always encouraging & down to earth so we don’t feel alone with the weight of educating our precious children.
Again, thank you so very much.
Janelle Foster ( NSW, Salamander Bay)

Hi Michelle
Just have to let you know how thankful I am to have your website available.  I’m preparing h/s registration papers for QLD (we moved from the NT in January), and needed to look something up.  It is so good to have an Australian website to which I can refer, especially one that is clear, simple, and easy to navigate.

Your page about Notebooking has just inspired me, and fills a gap in our record of learning, so I have ordered the Aust Notebooking pages.  And I’m going to see if I can develop my own  Notebooking pages for the Middle Ages/Renaissance/Reformation which we are covering this year (or perhaps I’ll look online first!)

So on those days when maintaining the website is a burden, remind and encourage yourself that is a great blessing to people like this hassled mother!  Thank you again!

Best wishes

Anna Marsh

Dear Michelle,
I just want to say such a big THANK YOU. I just received your latest newsletter. Your generosity in creatinHomeschool familyg all the outcomes and planning for the national curriculum for FREE is just a wonderful, wonderful blessing to me and my family.
I have been using your resources since I started homeschooling in 2009 and they have been an integral part of our schooling. One of my sons has problems with fine motor co-ordination and visual tracking.  His Occupational therapist was amazed with his progress after 6 months.  His Copywork (mother goose) is a big part of his progress. When I look at when he started to when he completed it I am just so proud of his achievements.
I have attached a photo of my kids so you can see the faces that you are helping.  I am passionate about homeschooling and love to support my community here in Margaret River WA.  The thing is I get to see the appreciation on their faces, you putting it out there on the net, you don’t get to see the smiles of relief and inspiration.
So, thank you again Michelle, and you have a wonderful day.

Warm Regards

Katrina Cockman

“I just want to tell you that I have spent not hours, but DAYS on your website. Yes, DAYS!!!! I have read and reread and reread every single word you have to say, and I’ve checked out ALL of your sample files, probably every single link ..I want to tell you that your website is achieving exactly what you have set out to achieve. You certainly are a blessing to the newly starting homeschooler.

As someone whom is just starting out, your years of experience is of enormous comfort to me. You have helped me to realize that I was trying to do too much, and that it’s okay to relax a little, just make sure that I’m using good quality sources, and feed their brains with beautiful literature. ..

The most help you have been to me is introducing me to this Charlotte Mason style. I do believe that learning from the great writers themselves is absolutely the best way to learn English. I know with Cindy being an avid reader that she will take to it like a duck to a pond.*smile*.

You have really given me a confidence boost to try this style with my kids. ”

Tanya D  NSW