homeschool workbox system

I still love the homeschool workbox system-–but I have made it suit me more.

My ‘boxes’ which are really clear sleeved envelopes, have been pruned down to five or six ‘boxes’ per child.

These are the reasons:

  • I found it stressed me out trying to fill all the boxes with something interesting.
  • I was putting in activities (busy work) just for the sake of it rather than adding quality work I felt passionate about them doing.
  • 5 to 6 boxes is much easier to fill and I now have a basic fill.

The Homeschool Workbox System – Basic Fill

Using the idea of key learning areas I try to fill each box. We do science and history as a group.

  1. English
  2. Math
  3. Reading (science for older kids)
  4. Reader with Mum
  5. Another notebooking Topic
  6. Music practice or Mathletics or a blog post.

The Homeschool Workbox System Changes

We have switched from the magazine boxes to baskets. We needed more room. Here they are finished for the day.

homeschool workbox system

I also found that the workboxes segregated us from each other.

homeschool workbox system - at work
homeschool workbox system at work

They all had their own work but our group time was diminished. Our read alouds were almost nothing. We have gone back to our more group time.

The workbox system does require organisation. But since simplifying it I have a quick set up and although it’s not that exciting I know that they are getting the basics of the day done. I try to make most of the things in their boxes work alone things so they can just get on with it and I can conserve my teaching energy for specific needs and the group times.

Would I still recommend workboxes . YES! Absolutely–whilst I had an OK system (pre workbox) before, this one allows me a more concrete way of knowing where the kids are up to and prompts me to forward plan. I also find that I mark their work more while I am setting up for the next day.

The kids also want it. They like knowing where they are up to and how far they have to go. If their boxes aren’t set up they ask for it.

Watch My You Tube Video to see how I organise mine.