workboxes for high school

Using Workboxes For High School

I have been using workboxes for about seven years. The way I have used them has morphed from the original suggestions by Sue Patrick’s ebook The Workbox System to my own version that works for my family. This year I gave up my workbaskets and moved to a workbox trolley.

The workbox principles have still remained the same:

  • encourage independent work
  • place everything they need to complete the task in the workbox when possible
  • work is divided into bite sized chunks
  • the day is scheduled in an easy to understand way
  • completion brings a sense of accomplishment

I decided to revamp my workboxes for high school and buy a 10 tray trolley to order my kid’s lessons. I’ve managed to get most things in except a few folders (they wont fit), their Book of Centuries and IEW Folders.

I’ve set the trolley up in the order I hope that they will complete them. We start our morning time with some read-alouds and they are not added to their trolley.

Show And Tell – Workboxes For High School

These pictures are taken from my daughter’s high school Year 8 workbox trolley.

Here are some other workboxes samples for when we first started.

And a few weeks later for Year Two, Year Three. Year Six and Year 7.

My first box has all of their stationary and their portfolio (a work in progress)

stationary workbox

The second box has her Bible. She reads a passage by herself before we start our group study time in the morning.

workboxes for highschool -Bible

The third box has her math drill and her English lesson books (Winston Grammar 2 days – Dictation 2 days).

workboxes for highschool -English

We use Math Online as out main math curriculum. I include the calculator in the box so they don’t need to go looking for it.

workboxes for highschool math

Next I put a few readers in their box. I usually have:

  • one factual book (this is a living book math reader) – One concept per day
  • one classic fiction or historical fictional novel based on the period we are studying – 5-6 pages
  • one poetry book (after the psalms we will use a poetry anthology) – one poem per day.

workboxes for highschool readers

In her science box I place the textbook we are using plus her science notebook.

workboxes for highschool Science

I have two subjects in this box.

  1. Fine Art Pages. She reads about one famous painting each day.
  2. Latin Copywork Notebook.

workboxes for highschool -art

For her geography lesson she has to read one chapter of The World Around you by Gary Parker and complete the quiz each week. The silly dog exercise book was a present from a friend.

Workboxes for high school geography

Each week she has four narrations due from her history studies. Most of these are narrations typed up on the computer. I have an A4 exercise book with a list of narrations for her to complete and a place for her to make notes when preparing their written narrations. I do mix my narrations with some IEW ideas,  so I use some of their style guides as reminders for good writing. Her completed work is stored in a clear sleeved folder. I also include the books that the narrations are to be taken from. Sometimes I read these books to them, other times they read them themselves.

workboxes for high school

This workbox is full  music for her piano lessons.

workboxes for high school music

I find that having the workboxes labelled helps everything stay in order and organised.

How Much Time Does All This Take

It takes on average five hours, four days a week to complete her work, this includes a lunch break and morning group time. Each morning we start with a group activity that takes about an hour. On some days, when we don’t have as much time to do all our work, I might say she is only expected to do certain boxes. On some days the work drags on to more than six hours (we’ve been plagued by distractions). Once  a fortnight we have a day when we have a writing class (IEW) and we also do the extra activities like our Book of Centuries. Once a fortnight we take the day off to visit a sick relative.

To read more about how I have used workboxes over the years read here.

Watch My You Tube Video to see how I organise mine.